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December 9th, 2008, 7:33 pm

.... Please don't shoot!

First off, I am still alive and I do plan to continue with $5 Fate. Eventually. Second, if you're still reading this, I am very happy and I apologize immensely. While there has been a lot going on in my life, I shouldn't have let it interfere with my comicking, especially since I only used to update once a month. $5 Fate has suffered from numerous delays including major character and plot changes.
I'm also excited to tell my readers that in July, I won the voice acting contest, AX Idol, at Anime Expo this year. The prizes included a studio audition and a free round trip ticket to Tokyo! (you can see it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5v1j3Pbeng, but be warned. I look like a total dork for many different reasons.)
This is unfortunate for the comic, however, because I now spend much of my free time doing amateur voice acting instead of comicking. I am also transferring to a university in LA to pursue my voice acting (part-time)career. (don't worry, I'm still going to graduate and get a real job so I can eat.)
So what does this mean for the comic? It means that I have not given up on this webcomic yet and the next time I update, I will have stock pages so you won't have to wait another 9 months to see what happens.
- Cerise

January 7th, 2007, 6:26 pm

Getting Back On Track

Now that I am a second semester senior, and have no more colleges to apply to, or excuses not to update. Thusly, I will be updating consistantly and occasionally more than once a week.

The only problem I foresee in the immediate future is that I'm in the school musical, which will leech my time monday through friday. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for fans, I have the role of Background Wench #3, so I should have a good amount of freetime when I'm not acting/singing.

I'm also planning to at least re-color some of the early strips, so they won't be as hideous.

Thanks for staying with the comic! I love you all and remember to comment! I'm always looking for improvement!

November 5th, 2006, 8:57 pm

Don't get your hopes up...

As you all already realize that I tend not to update, this shouldn't come as too much of a shock that I'm putting the comic on hold for November. We're all busy and I just can't make the time to update until all my college essays and forms are done and mailed.

Don't worry. The comic is not dead. And I'm hoping that after this is all over I will somehow gain super fast drawing skills and update more than once every two weeks. Sure, I say that every update, but hey, maybe it'll come true this time.

To all my dedicated readers and to those who just stop by to see what the hell the title is all about, thank you for you encouragement and patience.

See you (hopefully) in December.

June 20th, 2006, 2:11 pm

it might be awhile...

Hey All,
Sorry, I know I haven't been able to update. Right now i'm in paris and we don't have internet connection. I'm in an internet cafe right now. I am planning on updating in june and july, because I will have internet connection when i'm in scotland. how ever, I've been having problems on the next page, so that is also contributing to the delays. I will try to work through the plot points. But don't worry, it hasn't died. far from it. I'm just unable to work on the comic right now.

Anyway, I'm having lots of fun!

See you soon!

April 4th, 2006, 10:50 pm

I'm Aliiiiiiiive!

Hey all! I have finally returned from the Valley of Death. Now that was a challenge. I learned a couple new things about the desert. Apparantly there are mountains. Really big, TALL mounains (fucking Harris Hill), that we needed to climb. And apparantly it can also rain and SNOW. That's right. I woke up to my back pack covered in about 4 inches of snow. That was a fun day, hiking in wet shoes, wet pack and cold feet.

So you may have already figured out that I didn't actually go to Death Valley to research my comic, because the Arabian desert and Death Valley have completely different environments. Yes, there was sand, among other things. I took lots of pictures, so I'll post a link to them later, just to prove I wasn't sitting on a couch eating bonbons and ignoring my comic. I thought about it everyday, but unfortunately I had no word about it until the last day when I recieved Daidaishar's letter.

But you know what I just realized? For all 25 days of the trip, I carried $5 with me. My mom gave it to me and said that I could us it to buy myself a drink on the last day. I never used it, though. Maybe my fate would have changed if I had used that $5 bill? Maybe it already is changed and I just don't know it? Oh my god, it's like I'm fricken living my comic. Or maybe I'm just being mellowdramatic. Yeah, I think it's that last one.

Well, anyway, I missed you all and I hope to get updating again as soon as I'm adjusted!

March 6th, 2006, 11:01 pm

No updates till April 8th!

Hey all! As some of you might have read, I am not going to be able to update until april 8th at least. This is because I will be backpacking in Death Valley for three weeks and internet connection is rather slow there, considereing all the interfering cacti.

However, Daidaishar has kindly agree to put up some filler pages while I am gone, so you should check back once in a while.

I'll miss you all and thank you for your cooperation (as if you have a choice). ^_~ Later peeps!

February 19th, 2006, 7:30 pm

Redid some pages...

just wanted to tell you all that I editted pages 5, 6, and 7. I just altered some of the tones and corrected spelling, so it's not a big difference.

I am also going to be gone from March 10 to April 3, and I will have no possible way to update, because I will be in Death Valley on a school backpacking trip. Fun. I will try to have updates prepared before hand, but don't hold your breath. Daidaishar will most likly take over the site and post some revenge images or something. I might also put up some filler art.

February 14th, 2006, 12:17 am

It's back!

Yay! Smackjeeves is back! *hugs website* Never leave me again!

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